Registering on this site will allow visitors to learn more about your agribusiness, restaurant, or FFA chapter or  student project.

If you are not already registered with WVVFarm2U, click on the link at the very top of your screen:  

“Not a user? Register Now.”

If you were a Registered User on the previous version of, your account email address was sent an email with instructions on how to reset you password on the new site.  Just enter your username and password in the appropriate fields and press Log on.

NOTE:  If you did not receive an email,  it might be because your email may have changed and you did not update your email on the old system.  Please contact Annie Seay

Once you have successfully logged in,you are presented with the following choices:

    Farmer/Artisan - click here to learn more
    FFA - click here to learn more
    Restaurant - click here to learn more
    School - click here to learn more
NOTE:  When you choose Farmer/Artisan, you will be able to select multiple options for your organization:
On the Farm, Roadside Stand, Farmers Market, CSA, WV Made, Agri-destination, Nursery/Greenhouse, Specialty Foods, Winery
Enter your user name, E-mail, Create a new password and enter it again in confirm password and press Register.
Next you are presented with four tabs of information you can enter about your organization.  The first tab – account is general information about your organization.  The products tab is where you enter your products, agri-destinations, chef bios, menu entries or menus.  The locations tab is where you will enter your location and you can add multiple locations.  The last tab is a location to download some stock images for your products if you do not have any.
First Tab – Account- this begins setting up your page for the website.
Your organization name, image and short description will display when the visitors search for farms.  The best image size to upload is 258 width x 203 height.  The system will resize your image to best fit it for the area allowed.
Address - Enter the address information – this is just for our records and will not be displayed on the site unless it is the physical location of your farm or farmers market, then it will be displayed.  
Contact Info - Enter your contact information – Your phone number and website will be displayed on your organization detail page and the products page.  Please enter your email address.  This is our best way to contact you for changes, tips and tricks on the website.  You may choose whether or not to display your email address on your web pages.
Sell Products Online - You have the option to take credit card orders and sell items online using this site and PayPal for your account.  First, you will need to setup a PayPal account.  Once you have done this, you can check that you will sell products/goods online.  You need to also enter your PayPal email  address and enter your Internet Access.

Add product shipping information on PayPal, this allows you to avoid overcharging your potential customers shipping charges.

Please note that offers this service for free, we do not take an commission for any sales purchased on this website.
Organization Details –
WVFarm2U has a new feature on this website.  Once a week, we randomly select organizations to be displayed on the home page as a “Of the Week” organization.  We want to make sure that only farms that have updated their information are selected to be the select organization.  Therefore, you will need to check Request to be featured to be a selected organization.  Once you have been selected, you will need to login, update your profile, and check this box again to be considered again.
To be listed in multiple searches, you may select more than one category to be registered.  Find and click on the first category. 

Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard as you select other categories to add your organization.  Your organization will be displayed in all of the categories that you select. 

Enter your short description – this will be displayed along with the image and name when the visitor searches.  This allows the visitor to pick the organization to view more details.  You have a limit of 250 characters. The visitor is then taken to your own organization page.  The long description is displayed on this page. 

Enter your times of operation and any seasonal items that you would like to bring to the visitor’s attention.

NOTE:  Input your business hours here, however  if you do not have set business hours, it is best to put the following in this field:  Call for an appointment

Describe if you offer any delivery options.  Make sure you add these options to your PayPal account if you sell items online.

Products, Menu, Bios

On this tab you may enter products, things to do, menus, menu entrees, or chef bios.  You do not have to use all of the fields for each product unless you are going to sell the items online.  You can just name the item, add a description and upload an image.  If you are going to sell items online, then you will need to complete all of the fields.

If you don't have product pictures of your vegetables, we have a sampling of stock photos in the last tab.  Simply select the photo of a similar product, save to your hard drive and upload to your page. 


Whether you have multiple locations for your famers market, roadside stand, delievery destinations for your CSA or you have more than one restaurant, this is the tab for you.  You may now select more than one county as well, this works well for those extension agents who over see more than one farmers market in more than one county

Stock Photos

There are stock photos available for registered user use on this site.  To use these photos on this website, choose the photo, download and then upload the photo to your products page.  Be sure to add your own description about your product. 

For Example:  Our lettuce is grown in our high tunnel.  Because we grow this way, we have an extended growing season giving you more availability.