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Sweet Wind Farm

Dedicated to the clean production of healthy, chemical free chicken, eggs, and rabbit meat, Sweet Wind Farm feeds only Non-GMO feed to all meat-producing animals on the farm and employs a number of sustainable practices toward that end. Some practices include: growing fodder on-site, greenhouse brooding of young chicks, a natural environment cage-free rabbit yard, truly free-range layer flock, fermented feed for meat birds from day one, multiple methods of green material feed production in every season, rotational grazed meat birds (seasonal), strictly grass-fed beef, and coming soon: duck and duck eggs. Homeopathic practices using herbs, spices, wild foods, and naturally derived products are always employed as a first line of defense in both preventative and curative means of sustaining the health and viability of all the animals, plants, and soil on the farm. Additionally, there are never any chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, growth-inducing hormones, antibiotics, steroids, or routine antibiotics used on Sweet Wind Farm. And, finally, on processing: Chickens are processed humanely on-farm to ensure no cross contamination or product switching.

Sweet Wind Farm
290 Rube Leggett Road
New Milton WV 26411
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