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Canterbury Farms

Canterbury Farms offers fresh, pasture raised chicken, free-range eggs, and fresh produce each Saturday, from May through October, on the Jackson County Farmers' Market in Ripley. Fast-growing Cornish X Rock broilers are moved into portable "chicken tractors" as soon as they can live outside... usually at 3 weeks of age. Their pens are moved to fresh grass each day to allow foraging on grass, clover and weeds. They are also fed a custom-mixed feed consisting of locally grown corn, soybean meal, alfalfa meal and oats. At 7 & 8 weeks of age, the birds are carefully processed by hand and packaged for the Saturday market. These are chickens that really do taste like chicken! Our flock of laying hens spend the nights in a portable chicken coop. By day, they range freely on the surrounding pasture where they can scratch and forage like real chickens. This access to natural feed items such as grass, weeds, seeds, bugs and worms provides one of the richest, best-tasting eggs around!

Canterbury Farms
Frozen Camp Creek Rd.
Gay 25244
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