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CC Mountain Post

Offering a varied selection of seasonal produce, herbs, cut flowers and handcrafts. Grown using organic and sustainable farming practices. No chemicals ever. Products include market tomatoes and heirloom, peppers (banana and bell), beans (pole, Kentucky Wonder), carrots, basil, lemon basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary, marjoram, sage, chamomille, peppermint, lavender as well as others. I generally like to set up somewhere and sell or deliver but if someone wishes to come to the farm and meet the fertilizer factory they are quite welcome. PLEASED BE ADVISED..... There is a 3 Carrot OR 3 'Nilla Wafer Minimum Charge For Admission!

CC Mountain Post
HC 75 Box 50 Creamery Rd.
Alderson 24910
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