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Mountain Meadows Farm

Mountain Meadows Farm started in 1982 John Stroud and his wife Liz Daigle live on the 77 acre property outside of Williamsburg West Virginia. The farm is home to 40 breeding ewes, two rams , retired guard donkey Jack, two Great Pyrenees Charles the third and Dopey, a Border Collie named Kate and Mittens the barn cat! Our meat is high quality grass-fed product. The lambs are born here on the farm and raised solely on grass or hay until slaughter. We have several large pastures that the sheep rotate though during the summer and in the winter we feed hay from our barn. Our sheep are hormone free. we do worm them with Ivomec and other wormers. In case of sickness the animal is given proper treatment to recover however they will not be butchered and sold by us. We breed North Country Cheviot with some Suffolk crosses. These sheep are hardy and do well on the steep hillsides. The breed comes from Scotland. The Scots crossed highland sheep with English Cheviots to product North Country Cheviots. The wool produced can be used for spinning, weaving, knitting etc. it also makes darling Christmas ornaments!

Mountain Meadows Farm
699 Nolen Lane
Williamsburg WV 24991
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