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Chapman Swine and Poultry

Family owned and operated. Raising, breeding, selling Hampshire hogs. As well as hatching/selling Barred Rock chickens Mission Our mission is to provide quality animals, meat and eggs to our family and friends and any one else with a desire to raise pigs and chickens. Description We raise our hogs the old fashion way everything is done right here except for the butchering. At birthing time they are moved to the shed where they have their own stall full of hay to make their nest. We do not use farrowing crates all births are natural and the sows do all the work. After one week the sow and little ones are let out of the shed to explore their new world. The males are cut (castrated) in the first week if the buyer desires, then at 5 weeks the piglets are weaned, weighed and wormed then sent to their new homes while the sow goes to her own lot to recuperate and get her weight back up.

Chapman Swine and Poultry
777 Old Twelvepole Rd
Genoa WV 25517
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