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Round Right Farm

CSA Info & Pricing The cost of a share for the 20 week season is $420 + 1% WV sales tax ($424.20). You have the choice of letting us select the contents of the weekly box -the Farmer's Choice share- as is typical of most other CSAs, or signing in to our online produce stand to substitute items and create a custom box. The Farmer's Choice share provides 6 -10 items per week and seeks to provide as much diversity as possible throughout the season. The Farmer's Choice share is best for those people who enjoy the surprise and culinary challenge of letting us choose what goes in their produce delivery each week. Other CSA members know exactly what they want and will customize their box accordingly online (these members can also choose to receive a Farmer's Choice share sometimes). For bigger families, or on special occasions, when you might need more vegetables than a regular share provides, the online produce stand allows all our members to order additional items anytime you might need them. Please visit our website at www.roundrightfarm.com to demo our ordering system. We are now fully enrolled for the 2013 season. You can add yourself to our CSA contact list for 2014 on our website. We strive to offer maximum convenience and flexibilty in your choice of veggies. To that end, CSA members can rollover up to $25 worth of veggies from week to week. This comes in handy if you are going on vacation or planning a big dinner party. Simply remove items from your CSA box one week and use their value by the end of the season.

Round Right Farm
145 Dream Field Ln
Terra Alta WV 26764
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