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Sunny Hollow Farms

Beginning Sunny Hollow Farms In 1996, I had enough of working in the corporate world. I had three children and I worked 80-90 hours a week. Something had to give. I am a Christian. When you are down on the bottom you finally ask God for help and direction. I waited patiently for the right answer. After I quit, I had several job offers but nothing seem right. Over and over I kept hearing my inner voice say... Jill, I give everyone a talent. What is yours? I remember thinking all I know how to do is cook and can. For as long as I can remember I have found deep satisfaction and happiness in cooking. When I was a small child I followed anyone around to watch them cook, especially my grandmother. When I would think of having a business where I shared cooking and canning with others I felt a peace unlike any other than I have ever felt. I knew this was a right decision. I am very proud of my heritage and being from West Virginia. West Virginia is rich in history, culture and food. We are a very diverse state. As I have traveled I realize we are ethnic! When I started I thought everyone "canned" and everyone ate brown beans and cornbread. I was wrong. I choose to feature in our products a taste from the past and present. We offer gourmet food items made in West Virginia.

Nanny Nugget Farm

This is an 1850, 196 acre farm that made up part of the original Starr Settlement in Harrisville. We have a herd of Spanish and Boer Goats with a few dairy for our own use. Future dairy goat sales are planned. We will allow hunters to stay on a day to day basis, there is a great abundace of deer and turkey here. Depending on the time of year, our products will be available. Hubby is a Master Plumber and Mitchell Plumbing will do you right, call for information.

Trailsend Farm

Spruce Creek Farm

Sit a spell and have some iced tea.