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Trellis Cafe at Tathams

Trellis Cafe is a garden eatery inside Tathams Garden Center is historic downtown Reedsville. Daily the cafe offers freshly brewed organic and fair trade brewed coffee, artisan teas and handcrafted selection of pastries. Lunch is served Fridays and Saturdays from 11am-2pm offering a selection of sandwiches, salads and soups. Sunday Brunch is served from 10am-2pm offering a seasonal menu using local or regional products. The cafe also sells packaged foods and offers catering services.

Evans Knob Farm

Shareholders purchase a share of the produce in the early spring. For $525 they may recieve a share every week during the season. A half share is $287.50, and these are picked up every other week.


We offer walking tours, pick your own sweet corn or pumpkins in season, fishing or feeding the fish and opportunities to ride a genuine Texas Longhorn steer. Refreshments such as water and sodas are available. All tours and visits are by appointment only.

Pike Mountain Farm

Shafer Heritage Farms

New Wind Rising Farm

Mt. Dale Farm

We are a family friendly farm. We are more than willing to show and explain our farming practices to anyone who may be interested in listening.

Round Right Farm

Please call us to see what is in season and what we have available for sale. We raise vegetables on our farm in an uncertified organic manner. We are happy to share our knowledge about farming with anyone who is curious, and we love to talk about local food and how much better it tastes. We have a beautiful creek that children can play in, and we're not far from a lovely walk through the Cranesville Swamp.


LauraLee Farm

Auntie Carol's Country

Free Range Eggs, Live Poultry: Ducks, Chickens assorted breeds and varieties. We also have Premium Handcrafted Soaps

Hostutler Family Farm

We raise ADGA Nubian dairy goats, a dairy cow and a mishmash of NPIP cert. poultry. We will be offering Goat's milk products. Maybe even some goat milk cheeses in the future.

CCR Farm

CCR Farm offers quality Boer Goats, Dorper and Katahdin hair sheep. These are meat producing animals. We have Full Blood show animals, Purebred and commercial animals. Our breeding stock has won awards and our project/fair animals have placed at the local fairs several years. We sell does, ewes, rams and bucks to start and improve your herd. We also sell animals to butcher.

The Berry Farm by Tathams

Round Right Farm

Round Right Farm's Community Supported Agriculture project, or CSA, is your direct link to high quality, chemical-free produce, fresh from the farm. Our CSA gives you the opportunity to customize the vegetable box that will be delivered to you each week. Here is how it works: while your produce is still growing in the field, you can go online and create a custom CSA box from our large selection of seasonal vegetables. Alternatively, stay off-line and we'll choose a diverse selection of veggies for you. Your produce will then be harvested and delivered to a location in your neighborhood. All this ensures that you receive the produce you want, when it's at its peak. Simply put, it doesn't get any fresher than this. What's more, our practices are completely organic although we are not certified organic.