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Beeappy Farm

Beeappy Farm raises both double breasted and heritage turkeys for the Thanksgiving season.

Serenity Mountain

Most of our produce is 3 for a dollar. Herbs prices vary according to how much is needed. We also offer WV handcrafted natural bath and body products and some local artisan handbeaded crafts.

Rectenwald Farms

Products from the hive are honey, beeswax and lip balms. We also sell nucs (started hives) of bees as well as queen bees.

Parchment Valley Veterans Therapeutic Programs

Maintained by local Military Veterans, PVVTP is a non-profit organization which has established a 5 acre organic farm at Parchment Valley, in Ripley. Only minutes for I-77, our fresh produce is exclusively maintained by 3 of our local veterans. Help support our Veterans!

Duncan's Walnut Creek Farm LLC

Duncan's Walnut Creek Farm LLC is a true family farm. We breed and finish a heritage breed of pig known as the Red Wattle Hog. The R.W. is listed by the ALBC as "critically endangered". These hogs are known for thier exceptional flavor and naturally leaner carcass the latter of which contributed greatly to thier near extinction. Red Wattle pork is served in many high end establishments from New York to the west coast, but is in very short supply as there are very few of these animals in existence. We feel the best way to ensure the sustainability of this breed is to introduce them to the public at large, thereby creating a larger market to fuel thier production. We are a fully licesnced distributor and all our packaged products are USDA inspected. Our stock is raised free range on a diet of pasture, locally purchased grains, and whatever they glean from the woods in which they also roam. Feel free to contact Adam or Sarah Frame with any questions or to place your order for pickup or delivery today.


Honey Bee Colonies of Mountain State Honey Bees with marked Mountain State Queen. Pre-order by phone. Local pick up only. No shipping. Call for prices and availability. 100% Pure Raw Local Honey harvested once in August or September and generally available Sept.-Nov. Call for availability. Local pick up only. Store honey properly with LID CLOSED at ROOM TEMPERATURE. Honey never goes bad.

Ravenswood FFA

Greenhouse Floriculture Arrangement of the Month Club Available September-May

Crabby Patti`s

Sweet Violet Farm & Creamery

Jackson County Farmer's Market

Fairplain Yacht Club

Great steaks, burgers , salads, and more. All of our steaks are hand cut to order. We only use the freshest certified Angus beef. All of our burgers are hand pattied. Our salads we only use fresh veggies nothing frozen, and when in season only locally grown produce. We serve steak by the ounce every Wed. 35 cent jumbo chicken wings Thursday ,and Prime Rib every Friday. Saturday our special is smoked baby back ribs. Daily lunch specials. On top of all that we feature live music throught out the week and on the weekends. So if you want a great meal or just want to kick back and listen to great music the Fairplain Yacht Club is the place to be.

Glory Ridge Farm

We raise heritage livestock. Mulefoot Hogs, Jacob sheep, Myotonic Fainting goats and Irish Dexter cattle.

JessiHill Farm

Woodbine Jams

Shooting Star Farm

West Virginia Made Honey Wheat/White Bread made from our own honey West Virginia Made Honey West Virginia Made/WVDA Certified Farm Fresh Eggs Blackberries-Seasonal West Virginia MadeBeeswax/Honey Lip Balm USDA Inspected Pork, Lamb, and Rabbit Meat when available

Russ Dean Apiary

Canterbury Farms

Located just minutes from I-77 in Ripley, We are available by appointment to pick up eggs or fresh pasture-raised chickens throughout our growing season. Please call and leave a message, since we will probably be outside, and we will return your call as quickly as we can.

Glory Ridge Farm

We sell Mulefoot Hogs, a heritage breed. The Mulefoot Hog won the blind taste conducted in Virginia at the Ayrshire Farm taste test. This test was conducted with eight rare heritage hog breeds and one commerical hog. Mulefoot hogs are known for their fine hams and have excellent lard. We feed only non-gmo feed. We do not vaccinate, use chemicals, herbicides, antibiotics. We use only natural or organic substances on our farm. We also use a homeopathic vet and use natural remedies.