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Don & Angie Heishman

we are just starting out , so it is changing as we go but for now , we are selling anything to do with raising honeybees,we also offer free help to anyone who needs info to start raising there own hives.We have a full line of Natural Beauty Products, once you try you wont go back .Give us a call to see how we can help you... join us on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000654308493 our blog at http://heishmanhoneybhut.blogspot.com/

Heishman HoneyB Hut

The Guest House at Lost River

Lost River General Store Cafe

The Lost River General Store Cafe located in the Lost River General Store, circa 1898, on the National Register of Historic Places offer a selection of handmade, handcrafted and homemade soups, salads, paninis and seasonal specials. West Virginia and American crafts, jewelry, gourmet culinary items, fine wines and artisan beers, and more may all be found at the Lost River General Store.

Antiques, Etc. & Main St. Cafe

Antiques, Etc. and Main Street Cafe combines wonderful homemade food, a complete espresso bar and a unique shopping experience under one roof. In season locally grown food is used in the ever changing menu. Most all the food is home made including the breads and baked treats. Take-out is available but dining in will be the best way to experience Antiques, Etc. & Main St. Cafe. Do not hesitate just to stop in for a desert and a coffee from the espresso bar. Please take the time to visit Wardensville and Antiques, Etc. and Main Street Cafe.

Main Street Grille & Catering Co

Casual-Fun serving comfort food with a twist.