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Fairview Diner

Family oriented serving all types of meals from great dinners to sandwich combos. Plenty of parking, hanidcapped accessible. Quick access off of 4 lane to accommodate truckers. Clean restrooms & Shell gas station attached. Specializing in Hoagies & Grilled Salads.

NutsAnne Berrie Farm

Educationally and Fun for the whole family . U-Pic fruit .


Mountain View 2

Our farm is a small 32.59 acre establishment. We offer a variety of local products. Katahdin sheep are pasture raised for meat products or breeding stock either ram or ewe lambs. Fresh Brown eggs from our free range hens gathered daily. Seasonal items include; Honey,Apples,Cherrys and Pears. Fresh Morels and Chanterels in late April and May. Black Raspberries, Blackberries & Wild Cherries are some of our favorite for pies and jams. Fresh Produce and Herbs yield delicious canned sauces and relishes. Hickory nuts and Black Walnuts picked in fall. Vegetable plants and Herbs are ready for spring planting. Sewing & Alteration services also available. Currently taking orders for Fresh Evergreen, Grapevine & Barbed Wire wreaths, made for your order from November 15th to December 15th. Call us & come out for a visit and a delicious latte.

Sweet Wind Farm

Laura Morgan, Sole Proprietor of Sweet Wind Farm has a very simple concept: Keep animals outdoors where they belong, allowing them to develop their natural hardiness, with free access to clean drinking water and plenty of sunshine and green material, confine them only insofar as to preserve their safety, feed them as much Non-GMO feed as they require for optimal health and growth, move them humanely from Farm to Table, soil is a living asset- don't break it, and Thank God every day for the blessing of being a farmer and steward of all He has freely given us.

Doddridge FFA Farmers Market

Nutsanne Berries Roadside

The roadside stand will be at the top of the driveway as you come in to the farm.